All is not perfect in tourist Shangri-La, it seems. Bozeman is certainly not immune to the harsh words of TripAdvisor reviewers and we've found some of the worst.

messy hotel room
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(Note: although the following portions of reviews are directly quoted from TripAdvisor, we do NOT list the business associated with the review. The opinion of one reviewer might make for a giggle, but it might not make for day-to-day-reality.)

HOTEL: "A tube of empty toothpaste was sitting on one of the beds when we walked in and the vent cover was absolutely disgusting. There was a softball tournament in town so they all decided to use this facility's pool and patio area, even though they were not staying there."

POPULAR RECREATION AREA: "Touristy Butt Hole of Montana. There was no room to park anywhere, and the people there were rude and disgusting. Broken glass and cigarette butts littered the rocky shore line. Loud music and heavy drinking and cursing every where you went."

HOTEL: "the bathroom was on the small side and the tub was disgusting, looked like it's never seen a scrub brush and I felt like I needed flip flops to shower."

RESTAURANT: "The ramen we ordered (fungi ramen) was truly disgusting and tasted of liquid smoke."

RESTAURANT: "If there was a rating for "worse than awful", I would give it that rating. Ugh."

TOURIST ATTRACTION: "If you do get a spot and want to use the toilets before walking to the falls, be advised that, although real toilets & not chemical pit facilities, they are a disgusting hot mess most of the time. You can complain to the people inside the store, but no one there has the authority to clean them."

HOTEL: "WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. We pulled back the sheet to find many yellow stains....disgusting. Stay somewhere else."


HOTEL: "The worst place ever to stay.. Came with family and all I saw was a lot of prostitution and drug exchange. Rooms disgusting. When i reported to the front desk they were extremely rude and didn't care."

TOURIST ACTIVITY: "the port o potties were the most disgusting things I had ever seen. They were so full, poo was inches from the seat. Make sure to go before you go."

CAMPING: "It says they are deep in the woods. They are right next to the highway. Tent sites are no good. The bathrooms are disgusting. No refunds either."

RESTAURANT: "First thing you notice when you walk in the door is the smell of the urinal. FIX YOUR DISGUSTING SMELL!!!!!"

Bathroom doors are nice
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Popular downtown restaurant: “The worst dining experience ever!!!! ...cold and gross...drippy wet noodles...I wouldn't even serve it to children....Kraft Mac n cheese would have been better.”

Hotel: “Room was clean or so I thought until I saw something by the floor near the bed and went to pick it up (thought it was a bug) and it was old chew.”

Motel in Bozeman: “Waking up to Police,FBI and Hazmat is no fun. Nobody could get any Information and the Hotel did nothing to help or inform their guests about the possible Danger of a Meth Lab in the building. That is really bad...NEVER AGAIN”

Tourist destination: “Showers smell like urine. The filtration is horrendous. I was going to jump in the pool and stopped after seeing dead skin on the surface.”

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