This might be a frustrating town but it's not short on wit and quick retorts.

Bozeman has some absolutely fantastic local Facebook groups that never hold back on the touchy questions. I've said before, Secret Bozeman is one of my favorites for the occasional (hilarious) war of responses.

Recently, the group admin posed the question, "How much does the average Bozeman person make a month?" I knew right away this was going to be worth the 20 minutes I'd waste of my workday to read. It's sort of a loaded question, as I have no idea what the 'average person' is in Bozeman anymore, but I'm here for the answers.

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My absolute favorite answer by far? Corey M. responded: "Not today, IRS." Pure brilliance...and quite frankly, the right answer IMO. Now, keep in mind that many of the following responses are based purely on opinion, not necessarily on checked facts. But some of them are awesome.

  • "From which job, 1 2 or 3? Yeah or not enough…"
  • "Most jobs pay $20+/hr now and that's about $41,600/yr. Gross pay at that rate is $3,466/mo. Net pay should be about $2,240/mo if the person is adequately saving for retirement at 15% of their pay." (your math is off.... not by a little but by a lot just saying.)
  • "The avg person in Bozeman is either a trust fund baby, millionaire from a different state, or was here before all the bull shit and owns prior to the astronomical growth"
  • "Wages or dividends?"
  • "Trust funds vary."
  • "It's really rare to see any job opening even at McDonald's for less than 20/hour."
  • "This smells of census and IRS shenanigans....."
  • "I work as a private nanny, with a high school diploma with several certificates, but no degree. I make about $2,300 at my regular job and about $500-$1,000 doing date night babysitting monthly, so approximately $3,000/month."
  • "50 cents after taxes"

As you can tell, Bozemanites have not lost their sense of sarcasm or quick wit. When you ask a question like that, be prepared for the snarky answers. Hang in there, working Bozeman. I have faith that somehow we'll get through this.

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