The city of Bozeman has some incredible facilities that people can use daily, and this tool will help make things easier.

One of the perks of living in Bozeman is that the city parks and fields scattered across the city are some of the best I have seen in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. People have access to trails, pavilions, pools, and more.

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One of the best aspects of the City of Bozeman's Parks & Recreation division is you can reserve many things and get memberships to fun activities for families or kids. It seems easy enough, right? Well, the City of Bozeman wants to make it even easier.

Credit: The City of Bozeman via Facebook

The City of Bozeman's Facebook page announced that starting January 3rd, 2023, there will be a new way to reserve courts, pavilions, and more using a new service called CIVICREC. Check it out.

Plus, this will help families when they want to buy memberships for the public pool during the summer and other activities.

I wouldn't be surprised if they use this new system for more activities like leagues during the summer. The City of Bozeman built those new pickleball courts over by Bogert Pool, and this seems like a perfect system to use for that purpose.

Photo by Joan Azeka via Unsplash
Photo by Joan Azeka via Unsplash

We should appreciate the City of Bozeman making huge strides in helping out the locals by being able to book everything from Story Mill Mansion to Lindley Pavilion and more. If there is one thing that people love during the warm months in Bozeman, it's having a party or barbecue in a beautiful park.

For more details, check out the City of Bozeman.

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