You've had to wait weeks (or months) for an appointment for something that used to take a few days to get in.

When you do a simple search for the 'most in demand jobs', you'll get a few practical option on the list that pertain to Bozeman, but not many. Most are things like cyber security experts, solar installers, etc. Montana overall is in dire need of many trade school profession graduates. We need mechanics, plumbers, HVAC technicians...

HOME HEALTH ASSISTANTS - If you've ever had an older relative who needed some extra help at home, you know how difficult it has been in recent years to connect with enough people to meet your needs. The demand is very high and there's no sign that it will be slowing down, as Bozeman often tops lists of Best Places to Retire.

MECHANICS - Name an avenue that uses mechanics, and we have a shortage. It's such a crucial field, and BROAD field. From our daily driver vehicles to heavy machinery, we all need mechanics. They affect almost every aspect of our daily lives. Our local vehicle mechanics aren't the only ones who are backlogged - large companies are struggling to keep their fleets well maintained and are constantly hiring.

The growth in demand is incredible for certain industries across the country. According to Industrial Skilled Trades:

  • Concrete masons top the list with 904% growth in demand (compared to pre-pandemic numbers)
  • Electricians have risen 130%.
  • Plumbers are up 129%.
  • And carpenters are up 121%.

ELECTRICIANS AND PLUMBERS - Have you called one of the older, well known companies just to hear on their voicemail, "we're not accepting new clients at this time". I have. More than once. Thankfully I wasn't a new client.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

TEACHING ASSISTANTS - Other than the 20+ listings for Bozeman area teaching assistants and the myriad complaints from friends and colleagues, I don't have any hard numbers for this shortage. But the near daily gripes from parents AND teachers that additional help is rare and special/individualized needs are not being met, speak volumes. Perhaps more parents and teachers can give us more detailed perspective here...

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