This will be a massive headache and nightmare for daily commuters for the next few months.

Road construction is in full swing in Montana, meaning everywhere, from highways to in-town projects, is happening. We've already seen some substantial construction projects in downtown Bozeman, and it's been a nightmare for many locals.

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Well, it's about to get a lot worse.

KaraGrubis/Getty Images
KaraGrubis/Getty Images

The Montana Department of Transportation announced a massive new road project starting Monday, July 17th. This new project will have locals in Bozeman not too thrilled.

For the next few months, there will be roadwork crews either milling and repaving the road or fixing cracks from 19th Avenue to Four Corners. That's about six miles of roadwork coverage.

This work means there will be limited lanes, slow-down areas, and more to deal with daily for commuters. Many drivers will be angry, annoyed, and frustrated with this work, but it's necessary.

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West Main Street into Huffine Lane is one of the busiest roads daily in Bozeman. This project will help the longevity of the road and will cut down on future projects. We have to keep our infrastructure in top shape for residents in the area.

So what can you do locally? You might want to start taking detours around this area, whether heading home or going to work. You also might want to add some time to your commute so you don't get to your destination late.

This project will be in our lives for the next few months, and we need to be able to live with it.

For more details, check out the Montana Department of Transportation.

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