With sports slowing getting back to normal, the local junior team will be returning soon to have a full season.

406 MT Sports is reporting that the Frontier Conference in the NA3HL will return to have a 43 game season starting Octobrer 2nd. There are five Montana teams in the Frontier Conference and the Bozeman Icedogs are included in it.

The other Montana teams in the Frontier Conference includes the Butte Cobrs, the Missoula Jr. Bruins, Helena Bighorns and the Great Falls Americans.

The season will conclude on March 14th, 2021 and then they will move into the playoffs.

Each arena and location will determine their COVID-19 restrictions but that has yet to be announced yet by the Bozeman Icedogs.

The Bozeman Icedogs consists of players from all over the world between the ages of 15 to 18 and is a great jumping off point for many players to earn hockey scholarships at all levels.

The Bozeman Icedog games are usually play at Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds and it's a fantastic family environment. Plus, they have a full concession and usually have 7 Sushi serving adult beverages as well.

We will have to see what the plans are for the COVID-19 restrictions due to the face that most folks line up around the rink against the glass. As soon as we find out the restrictions, we will post those.

We could see some games be played in the newly done Ressler Arena too this season.

The Bozeman Icedogs are scheduled to take on the Sheridan Hawks here in Bozeman on Friday, October 2nd.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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