Bozeman High was due for a new updated logo and honestly, this is a perfect fit.

406 MT Sports is reporting that Bozeman High principal on Monday unveiled a new, updated logo for the Bozeman High Hawks. The reason behind the whole move is due to Miami University of Ohio contacted the high school in March of 2020 about using their collegiate logo at their high school. Miami University of Ohio gave Bozeman High a pretty great time frame to design and update their logo.

The funny thing is, this isn't the first time the Bozeman High has had problems with their logo. Back in the 1990's they had to change their logo due to the fact the image closely resembled the Iowa Hawkeyes logo and had to be abandoned due to a copyright infringement complaint.

Getting an original high school logo can be tough especially when colleges have trademarked all the popular ones. Luckily the Bozeman High Hawks have designed one that shouldn't bring anymore problems to their school. This whole new logo will take a few years to replace all of the old ones for Bozeman High but it's worth the trouble.

When you think about it, why is it such a big deal that high schools are accidentally using their logos? My high school Polson had a big 'P' on our football helmets like Purdue University and we had those for forever and never got in trouble. I'm glad Miami University of Ohio is being pretty cool about the whole situation and letting Bozeman High take their time to remove the old logo.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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