High school prom can be an expensive affair. From the limosenes, to the dinner, to the flowers and the dress or tux, most high school students would have to save up for weeks if not months to have enough to fund this one night of fun. Members of Bozeman High School Nation Honors Society have a solution for keeping the prices in manageable.

Hannah Stiff - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

The plan is for girls to donate their old prom dresses in exchange for a new-to-them gown. Teens who don't have a dress to donate can browse the closet and pay $10 for a dress.

"The idea behind this is that girls can reuse and recycle their prom dresses," said NHS Student President Ben Dickensheets. "We're also striking back at the fashion industry."

Derek Strahn, the NHS faculty adviser, said he wonders how many students have stayed home prom night because they simply couldn't afford to go.

Starting Tuesday, the NHS will start accepting dress donations. A drop-off box will be set up at the BHS activities office during the week. On Feb. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., NHS students will be on the high school oval, collecting dresses from students and community members.

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It's quite an interesting solution and it will be sure to grab the interest of the Bozeman community. What are your opinions? Do you think this plan will succeed? Let us know in the comments below.