It's great to see homegrown businesses become successful and expand their reach beyond the Gallatin Valley. 

Montana is a place where small businesses are crucial to the sustainability and economies of towns and cities statewide. Locals prefer shopping at locally owned grocery stores, shops, and restaurants to support hard-working people.

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Bozeman isn't any different, some incredible small businesses are immensely successful. It should come as no surprise if a spot decides if they want to expand to new locations. This Bozeman business has been quietly making big moves that we should congratulate. 

Revolvr Menswear was one of the first shops that caught my eye when I moved to Bozeman. The store consists of all sorts of menswear, from shorts to jeans to shirts and more, that can turn a degenerate into a decent-looking guy. I loved shopping at Revolvr for clothes or gifts. The store always had something new and exciting.

Revolvr Menswear via Facebook
Revolvr Menswear via Facebook

So it's no surprise with all the success in Bozeman, they started to expand to new locations in the Pacific Northwest. Revolvr opened a shop in Bend, Oregon, a few years ago, and it makes total sense. College town, next to a prominent ski hill, it's exactly like Bozeman. 

What I didn't realize is Revolvr has expanded to even more locations in Oregon and Montana. Revolvr opened a shop in Portland and recently opened a spot in Missoula. I didn't know they opened a shop in Missoula until I walked by their store, and was excited for them. 

revolvr_mens via Instagram
revolvr_mens via Instagram

Revolvr has become so successful they have opened a women's clothing shop in Bozeman and Bend called Evrgreen

The next time people talk about successful Bozeman businesses, Revolvr deserves to be in the conversation. 

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