The eternal debate will rage on which city is better in Montana, but Bozeman holds an edge in this area.

Which city is better, Missoula or Bozeman? We love to have discussions on which city is the best in Montana. Both cities have the largest universities in Montana and are popular with tourists and locals alike. Both might seem similar, but to locals, they are very different.

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Do you judge the cities on the restaurants? The schools? Or do you decide which city is better on what they offer?

We realized that one city crushes the other in one area, and it's not even close.

Bozeman destroys Missoula when it comes to.....breakfast.

Feed Cafe via Facebook
Feed Cafe via Facebook

When you look at what Bozeman, especially downtown Bozeman, has for breakfast options, Misosula can't compete.

In downtown Missoula, there aren't any sit-down breakfast spots and only a few grab-and-go breakfast burrito places. The best breakfast spot in Missoula to sit down and enjoy is Paul's Pancake Parlor, and it's by the mall.

Then you look at Bozeman's breakfast joints, and it's a done deal. There are countless breakfast restaurants in Downtown Bozeman, such as Jam, The Western Cafe, Cateye Cafe, Main Street Overeasy, and more. We haven't even mentioned spots outside Downtown Bozeman, like Feed Cafe and Storm Castle Cafe. Both restaurants are underrated places for a fantastic breakfast.

Jam via Facebook
Jam via Facebook

We can debate all day on which college football team is better or which city has better music venues, but if you want to start your day with a delicious meal, Bozeman can't be beaten.

At least both cities can agree we are both better than Billings.

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