If there is one development in the Gallatin Valley to keep your eyes on, it's this growing area.

The population surge in the Bozeman area has slowed down a little, but it seems like more buildings for businesses or residents are being built daily. The only problem is finding space to set up their structure and having easy access.

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That can be tough to find in the Bozeman area currently, but there is an area that could be perfect for new businesses. That area is the Yellowstone Airport Plaza.

The Yellowstone Airport Plaza has been under development for years and has recently seen progress. The first thing to be built was the new Holiday gas station, and now a hotel and an apartment complex are underway. There are plans for restaurants and stores, but this area could be a massive asset if they added some high-profile stores.

The Yellowstone Airport Plaza has cars driving by constantly throughout the day and night and is next to the freeway, so that is easy access for anyone. So we thought of three stores that would fit nicely in the plaza and be a hit with the locals.

1. Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods Reports Record Quarterly Earnings, Driven By Online Sales
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Dick's Sporting Goods doesn't have a location in Montana, and the Gallatin Valley needs a year-round sporting goods store. We have stores like Universal Athletic and Bob Ward's, but they don't carry as many name brands as Dick's. Plus, it would be nice for those in the Gallatin Valley who don't want to drive into Bozeman.

2. Best Buy

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Best Buy might seem like a wild card choice, but we need a store like them in the Gallatin Valley. We have a couple of Staples locations and some stores that sell electronics, but Best Buy is the one-stop shop for anything electronic you need. Most stores don't sell specialized equipment like Best Buy. Maybe we should look into a Micro Center too.

3. Home Goods

HomeGoods via Facebook
HomeGoods via Facebook

Everyone loves Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but Home Goods is a store that has been on the rise for a few years. Their prices are competitive, and they have more fun items to buy during the holidays. I know a few people who prefer Home Goods over the other like-minded stores.

These are just a few ideas we have for the Yellowstone Airport Plaza. These stores would bring excitement to the area and be a plus for the development of Belgrade. Belgrade is set to be the next Gallatin Valley town to see a boom in businesses, and this is the perfect location to attract folks.

For more details, check out the Yellowstone Airport Plaza.

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