Billie Eilish shared her experience with a nasty paparazzi encounter.

The 17-year-old recently made the decision to not sign autographs for neither fans nor paparazzi since the majority of the signed items end up being sold on websites like eBay. Instead of autographs, she offers hugs, conversations and pictures.

After her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the singer had two groups of people waiting outside the studio doors to meet her. One of the groups was filled with genuine fans, which she gladly spoke to and took photos with, while the other group was full of grown men asking for autographs to sell.

Once Eilish refused to sign any autographs, the crowd began to boo her, and some went as far as to berate her by calling her a “little b---h.”

The “everything i wanted” singer posted an explanation in response to a viral video that showed people yelling at the teenage pop star while she walked away from the "fans."

"The only reason I'm making this video is that I saw a video of this all happening and I just wanted to clarify what actually happened ... because if you watch the video it looks like I'm walking by a bunch of fans and completely ignoring them and not saying 'hi' to them, which is not what happened," she clarified.

Once she realized that the people didn't care about her as a person, she walked away. "I walked over there only to say hi, only to hug people and I got pictures of me shoved into my f---ing face," she recalled. "I got no love whatsoever, so I left and then I got booed and called a little b---h and got told I was going to lose my Grammy nominations."

"The fact that people can switch up like that... damn," she continued. "They wait outside for you and then immediately they don't get what they want and they boo you and f---ing curse at you. I'm like, 'Bro, I'm 17.'"

At the end of the day, Eilish had one thing to say to the men who yelled at her: "To the grown men that booed me and called me a 'little b---h,' I hope the best for you. I hope you find someone else that you use to make money off of and belittle. All the best, love you, paparazzi."

See a video of the incident, below.

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