Thanks to everyone that voted in our poll. Drumroll please...Fall is the best time of year in Montana, according to poll results.

Depending on what activities you enjoy, the answer can vary. Personally, I enjoy the summer. A Montana summer can't be beat. I really enjoy being outdoors, and getting around in the winter is definitely more difficult.

Here are the poll results:

Poll Daddy
Poll Daddy

It's no surprise that Spring and Sprinter are at the bottom. Living in Montana, the spring months can bring some fairly miserable weather. Fall barely edged out summer to take the top spot in the poll. With the hot temperatures we've seen this summer, it's no wonder that most people are looking forward to some reprieve when things cool off in the fall. Also, we're aware that Sprinter isn't a real season, but if you've lived in Montana through a few winters, you most likely know what we mean.

For those that prefer Fall, cooler temperatures are on the way, and before we know it, winter will be upon us. While summer may be coming to an end, the fall and winter months offer Montanans a lot of great opportunities to get outdoors. I know a lot of people excited about hunting season, and I have a few friends that can't wait to wax up their skis and hit the slopes.

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