Snow, snow, everywhere! If you’ve lived in Bozeman long enough, you know a serious snowstorm when you see it. After you’ve shoveled your sidewalks and chained up your vehicles, take the opportunity to enjoy the winter wonderland by sliding down a hill on a piece of plastic! 

Sledding in Bozeman is a great outdoor activity with your little ones, a group of rowdy friends, or a creative date idea. While there’s plenty of public land throughout the Gallatin County, tacking on a sledding trip after a day out on the town or after work is within easy reach of Bozeman city limits. 

Lace-up those snow boots and put on your heavy socks - here are our 5 favorite sledding hills in Bozeman.

The Best Sledding Hills in Bozeman: Our 5 Favorites

Where can you find the best sledding hills in Bozeman, Montana? Check out our favorites and plan your next winter outdoor adventure without venturing too far.