Pizza is a versatile and universally adored dish. 

Whether you want a slice or a whole pie, everyone enjoys some quality pizza. There are several places in Bozeman with great pizza, but where can you find the best pizza in Montana? We might have your answer. 

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Lovefood came out with a list of Every State's Best Pizza Place, and the choice for Montana is a bit surprising; Biga Pizza in Missoula. Biga Pizza is known for its classic Italian-style pizzas and unique combos. I have to admit, they do have some great pizza, but in my own personal opinion, it's not the best place in Missoula, let alone the state. 

Biga Pizza via Facebook
Biga Pizza via Facebook

If we had to pick the best pizza places in Montana, there are several joints we would consider before Biga Pizza. First, in Missoula, there is Bridge Pizza. Bridge Pizza is a Missoula landmark and makes some of the best slices in Montana. My sister always takes me there when I visit her. 

Additionally, Whitefish has Jersey Boys Pizzeria. If you want a classic New York style slice, this is the place to go in northwest Montana. Their slices are fresh, delicious, and won't break the bank. Plus, it's in the heart of downtown Whitefish and is a great place to hit up after having a few adult beverages. 

If you don't want to travel to the western part of the state for the supposedly best pizza in Montana, you can stay right here in the Bozeman area. If you want a New York-style slice of pizza, there are two spots we recommend: Cosmic Pizza and Tarantino's are both Bozeman staples and are beloved by locals. Both spots offer slices or full pies, and they never disappoint. 

Cosmic Pizza via Facebook
Cosmic Pizza via Facebook

If you want an artisanal-style pizza, we would direct you to check out Pizza Campania in the Cannery District. You can't get single slices there, but the full pies are worth the price. Also, Bridger Brewing deserves an honorable mention for their Bison Pepperoni. 

Pizza is always a hotly debated topic on the internet or with friends. Your favorite pizza really just depends on what you like. Either way, Montana has a lot of wonderful options. So, who's ready to get a slice? 

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