Sometimes you just crave for the classics that you know will fill you up and taste delicious and put a smile on your face.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the Best Restaurant Serving American Classics in Every State and this was very interesting to me due to the fact that there could be a number of winners not only here in the Gallatin Valley but throughout Montana.

MSN Lifestyle said the best restaurant for American classics is Black Iron Grill & Rotisserie in Miles City, Montana. Black Iron is known for their incredible burgers, steaks but one of their specialties is rotisserie chicken that gets constant rave reviews. Looking at Black Iron's about us page, they are also about sourcing locally and working with local farmers and ranchers to provide the best product for their customers.

Credit: Black Iron Grill and Rotisserie via Facebook
Credit: Black Iron Grill and Rotisserie via Facebook

I personally have never been here but I messaged my friend from Miles City about Black Iron and he just responded, "I would put their restaurant up against any American restaurant in the Gallatin Valley they are so good." That's high praise and makes me want to make a trip to the east side of the state and check out this spot.

The thing is if you aren't really looking to drive all the way to Miles City for a restaurant that serves great American classics we do have a few pretty great restaurants that could substitute. The Mint Café in Belgrade, Stacey's Old Faithful Saloon in Gallatin Gateway and Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan are all places that serve classics that will put a smile on your face.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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