Whether it's a sit down restaurant, taco truck or just a pop up stand, there is always fantastic Mexican food to be found in Montana and we might have found a hidden gem.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the Best Hole in the Wall Mexican Restaurant in every state and I was very interested with what their choice would be because we have some pretty fantastic Mexican restaurants here in the Gallatin Valley. MSN Lifestyle sadly didn't choose any of the restaurants here in the Gallatin Valley but they did pick one that's somewhat nearby.

Credit: El Vaquero Taqueria via Facebook
Credit: El Vaquero Taqueria via Facebook

The best hole in the wall restaurant in Montana is in Helena and is El Vaquero Taqueria and this will be definitely be on my list to check out this summer. El Vaquero Taqueria is known for their huge burritos and tacos and really affordable prices. Just looking at their menu all of their burritos are under $7 and they all are making my mouth watering.

If you are craving Mexican food and don't want to make the long journey to Helena right now there are plenty of places to choose here in the Gallatin Valley. For instance in Four Corners Mr. Burritos has huge incredible burritos to choose from, then up on the Montana State campus there is Taco Montes who are known for fantastic tacos. Then again if you are looking for a full menu you might want to go check out El Rodeo either at their bus or location in the mall and fill up on some delectable Mexican food.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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