The nice thing about most Montana golf courses you can pause and just soak in the beauty of Montana while you try a game that can frustrate you so much.

Stadium Talk came out with a ranking of the Best Golf Courses in Every State and for Montana the best has some huge history to it. The best golf course is apparently the Rock Creek Cattle Company Golf Course in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Rock Creek Cattle Company via Facebook
Rock Creek Cattle Company via Facebook

This course is on what used to be the historic Grant-Kohrs Ranch and is one of the scenic golf courses in all of Montana. This gold course also has their own restaurant, bar, outdoor amenities and more. This place is the whole package but the problem this is a private golf course so no ordinary person can walk in and try to hit eighteen holes for fun.

That's a problem because many locals here in Montana can't afford a huge membership to a private golf course and we are extremely lucky because there are golf courses not only across Montana but right here in the Gallatin Valley that offer beautiful views and fantastic golf course.

We have Bridger Creek, Cottonwood, and even Big Sky's golf course are all fantastic golf courses in our area where we can go enjoy the beauty of Montana, hit some golf balls and try to figure out why you can't hit that darn ball straight. Believe me, we all know that frustration.

For more details, check out Stadium Talk.

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