Fried chicken sandwiches don't get enough credit. They help your hands stay grease free from the chicken and you are cutting back on your red meat from eating burgers. Congrats.

The thing is, there are only a few places in the Gallatin Valley that we know of that have very tasty fried chicken sandwiches. We didn't put any fast food places on here because they all have one and they are all meh.

So here is a list of our favorites.

  • 1

    The Roost

    Of course this is on the list. Whether you get the original or the Nashville hot, either sandwich is addictive and delicious. You might just want to order ahead of time because they can get quite busy.

  • 2

    Backcountry Burger Bar

    We know, a curve ball for sure, but Backcountry Burger Bar has two delicious fried chicken sandwiches. The Fremont and the Electric. Try both out and find your favorite.

  • 3

    El Camino

    El Camino comes in the clutch for not only have a fried chicken sandwich that is not only very tasty but coming in an incredible price. For just $8 you get a huge sandwich and fries. That's a steal.

  • 4

    Korner Klub

    They don't have one, two but if we remember around seven different choices of fried chicken sandwiches to choose from. Whatever your taste buds are craving, they have a fried chicken sandwich that will solve that problem.

  • 5

    The Bay Bar and Grille

    We had no idea that The Bay Bar and Grille had a fried chicken sandwich until we went there for lunch one day. Their Honey Garlic Fried Chicken sandwich is on Texas toast and perfection.

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