Sometimes planning a family day out in Montana can be difficult. The weather is unpredictable, and depending on where you are, there aren't a ton of indoor entertainment activities. But we have the perfect to go when you want a fun and stress-free experience.

Growing up in Montana, my parents made every excuse they could to plan family outings. Whether we went swimming in Flathead Lake or skiing up at Big Mountain, my parents wanted my siblings and I to experience Montana as much as possible.

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Love Exploring made a list of the Best Family Day Out in Your State, and the choice for Montana is special. The best activity for family day out in Montana is the Museum of the Rockies

Museum of the Rockies via Facebook
Museum of the Rockies via Facebook

The Museum of the Rockies is a staple of the Bozeman area and is a great experience for both kids and adults. If you have kids that love dinosaurs, the Museum of the Rockies will have them occupied for hours. As an adult, all the interesting information about past life in Montana will have you entranced.

The Museum of the Rockies also has rotating exhibits that range from art to history and are extremely unique. The Taylor Planetarium is another awesome feature of the museum, and another great way to spend your time there. The Museum of the Rockies is a place you can revisit endlessly, because of their frequent exhibit and planetarium show changes. 

The only other museum in Montana that rivals the Museum of the Rockies has to be the Miracle of America Museum in Polson. This massive museum pays tribute to everything from Montana's Old West to artifacts from multiple wars. I grew up going to this museum, and you could spend days there and still not see everything. 

Miracle of America Museum via Facebook
Miracle of America Museum via Facebook

If you have a family that isn't into museums, another great family day out activity is the Lewis & Clark Caverns,  a one-of-a-kind state park where you walk through a gorgeous cave and see nature's perplexing wonders. The caverns are fantastic during the summer when it's blistering hot outside and you want to stay cool. 

The next time your family is trying to figure out what to do for a day out, give one of these spots a look. Your family might even have a little fun. 

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