Everyone looks for a place that is the best place to live, whether it be for a job or a fun city, but is this the best county to live in Montana?

Are you looking for a fantastic place to live? Take a number because that's been happening here in Montana for years. Folks from all over America have been flocking to our state for a simple way of living or a cheaper lifestyle.

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Most folks have been moving to the bigger cities in Montana, but there are some hidden gems out there, depending on what you want in your life.

Where is the best county to live in Montana? Is it in Western or Eastern Montana? We needed to know. So when we saw this list, we could only laugh.

Stacker made a list of the Best County to Live in Every State, and the one for Montana will either have you laughing or angry.

According to data from Stacker, the best county to live in Montana is Gallatin County. Stacker's data on why Gallatin County is the best is highly suspect and probably wrong.

DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images
DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images

Stacker has the average median rent in Gallatin County at $1,200, but it's more like $2,400. Also, the median housing price isn't around $435K but more like $800K. That's a huge difference. It all depends on how big of a house you want to buy.

Listen, I love living in Gallatin County, but is it the best place to live? That all depends on your monetary and living situation. We all know folks struggling to live in our county, and there is no solution so far for the problem.

Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash

What do you think is the best county to live in Montana? Let us know on our app.

For more details, check out Stacker.

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