After a long day of taking in beautiful views of lakes, mountains and wildlife nothing is better than having a delicious craft beer from one of Montana's fantastic breweries.

Thrillist put together a list of the Best Breweries Near National Parks and the only one named on the list from Montana was Backslope Brewing in Columbia Falls, Montana near Glacier National Park.

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Backslope Brewing is a great choice for Glacier National Park. The beer is delicious and the food is just as great. Plus, the views from Columbia Falls, a town in Montana that doesn't get nearly enough credit for how great as small as it is, are perfect.

When I kept looking at the list, I noticed there weren't any choices for Yellowstone National Park. So I did some research and I was frankly surprised there isn't a brewery in West Yellowstone.

In fact, the closest brewery to West Yellowstone is Lone Peak Brewing in Big Sky, Montana.

Lone Peak is a very underrated brewery in Montana, but worth the trip back from Yellowstone to have a great beer and meal.

If you are on your way to Yellowstone from Bozeman or the Livingston area maybe grab some growlers to go from the fine breweries of Neptune, Katabatic, Outlaw, Mountains Walking, 406, Bridger, or Map Brewing.

Especially if you are staying in the park overnight, some road beers might be the best choice.

For more details and to see the full list of the Best Breweries Near National Parks check out Thrillist.

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