To be honest, I am surprised no one thought of doing this sooner because this has the potential to be huge.

According to the USA Today, ice cream giant Ben & Jerry's has decided to get in the pet treat game and will be releasing a frozen ice cream treat just for dogs this month and they will soon be in grocery stores and pet stores across the United States.

Credit: Ben & Jerry's via Facebook
Credit: Ben & Jerry's via Facebook

Ben & Jerry's Doggie Desserts come in two flavors, you can get Rosie's Batch which consists of pumpkin and mini cookies or Pontch's Mix which has peanut butter and pretzel swirls. If we can agree on something, dogs will love both of these flavors. You can either get them in mini cups or multi packs. We have a feeling the multi packs will probably be the big seller especially because those packs will sell for just $5.99. That is cheap!

The reason behind into adding these frozen dog treats is due to the fact that there really isn't a market for it and they could be opening a huge new market for themselves.

Let's be honest, the Gallatin Valley is a huge dog community and we love to make sure our dogs have the best and delicious treats. Ben & Jerry's is known for their inventive flavors and adding a frozen dog treat will definitely be a winner. Local ice cream spot Sweet Peaks also offers frozen dog treats and they are always big hits and most of the time, sold out. Plus, they have frozen dog treats for dogs that are dairy intolerant.

Adding a little competition is always great and I will be buying a few of this Ben & Jerry's cups for my dogs. They will love them.

For more details, check out Ben and Jerry's website.

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