If you live on the south end of Bozeman, be aware, there are some guests. Not two-legged guests, but 4 legged guests. A black bear sow and her two cute little cubs were spotted between S Church Ave and S Wilson Ave. As we all know, no one should approach the sow and her cubs. The Bozeman Police Department has taken numerous calls regarding the three black bears, who have been rummaging through garbage cans making a bit of a mess.

What should you do if you see these three in town or any wild animal for that matter? First, you want to make sure you are aware of their whereabouts and do not approach them. Second, keep your fur babies inside or on a leash, lastly, keep an eye on your kiddos. Children tend to love animals and often want to approach them. Talk to your small kids about what to do in these types of situations.


Momma bears are similar to us humans when it comes to being protective. They will defend their babies, especially if they feel like there is a threat. As winter is just around the corner, lots of animals are preparing. Finding food is one thing these bears are focused on. If you are taking out your garbage, try and do it in the morning so it is not sitting out all night long. Bears love trash, so having your garbage out as little as possible will help with keeping the furry scavengers out of town. Lastly, these furry friends just need a little space. Let's stay out of their bubble and watch from afar.

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