Bears might seem like fluffy creatures everyone wants to hug and boop on their nose, but they are mischievous and can cause harm. We found the best example.

Bears are a big part of living in Montana. These animals might be in hibernation right now, but at parts of the year, bears scavenge forests, rivers, and occasionally towns for food. Columbia Falls last summer had a massive bear problem with bears and had to put in an emergency protocol.

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These bears were getting into folk's garbage cans and destroying fruit trees to eat whatever food they could find. It was a massive issue. Bears can even be more problematic if you don't lock up your house or car doors. If you don't believe me, watch this.

@datsmybestieI kept saying that the bear is a man in a bear suit.♬ original sound - Datsmybestie

Credit:DatsMyBestie via TikTok

Black bears are known to be curious and ballsy when it comes to opening doors, and this bear is no different. This bear calmly opens the truck door and gets into the vehicle as if he is about to head to town to run errands. The craziest part of the video is that he shuts the door behind him.

The man driving the car did the right thing and honked his horn to try scaring off the bear, but you have to love that the bear ignores the horn and jumps right in the truck. Maybe he was offered a test drive of the vehicle to haul all the food he needs before he heads off to hibernation.

Photo by Bruce Warrington via Unsplash
Photo by Bruce Warrington via Unsplash

Either way, we get to enjoy a laugh and thank that this wasn't our vehicle.

Just a reminder, if you encounter a black bear in the wild or close to your house, the best thing to do is make loud noises and make yourself as big as possible to scare him off.

If you are new to Montana or live in an area with a high bear population, please keep everything secured. This means checking your garbage is closed, and your vehicle doors are locked. You don't want to explain to insurance what happened to your car.

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