Finally. Bozeman, Montana takes the #1 spot on a list that doesn't make me mad or make me roll my eyes. It's an important list about about money, and making more of it. In a town that has priced itself and it's local families nearly out of range, it's a small win for folks working entry level jobs.

Turns out that Bozeman ranks at the very top of the list for highest paying entry level jobs. #1 in the entire country. That's somewhat of a double edged sword if you're familiar with the cost of living in this area, but I'm deciding to take it as a win. Why? Because it would have been quite easy to have a very high cost of living and still rank somewhere in the middle of this list.

The researched list comes from and it's quite extensive. They not only listed ranked cities but ranked the states as well. (One 'good paying' city does not a 'good paying' state make.) They also make an important point of clarity: entry level positions are simply that - a starting point. Where salaries and good career paths go from there might not be as positive. Let's be honest, Bozeman has a LOT of service industry gigs which would often be classified and entry level.

87.8% of entry-level job listings in Bozeman, Montana, offer a salary above the state’s median wage — more than any other U.S. city. South Dakota is the best state to find a high-paying entry-level job (76.1% of listings pay above the median wage).

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