Who hasn't had a good time at Bar IX on a Thursday?

Credit:Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I was notified earlier today by one of my really great friends, Mitch Brady, who happens to make his own music but also DJs quite frequently at Bar IX. He sent me a link to a story from UrbanDaddy.com, which is a lifestyle website, and there is this article from their travel section about how Bar IX is the Best College Bar in America.

I was blown away by this. I am huge fan of Bar IX, but this is an amazing article about how one of their reporters was traveling through Montana and happened to come into Bar IX on a Thursday night and had the best time ever. Especially because he thought it was absolutely genius that they have a Bucket Night and it was a great marketing idea to get college kids to come down and have a good time during the week.

My favorite part of the whole story is that when he describes the DJ (my friend Mitch). He says, "looks like a guy who just won a Madden '17 Tournament from his mom's basement." and I couldn't stop laughing. Mitch looks like a dude who plays video games, but honestly doesn't at all. That made my day.

I am so glad that Montana bars are getting the recognition they deserve, especially on how fun they can be. Check out UrbanDaddy.com to read the whole article.

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