Ariana Grande's behind-the-scenes footage from her February Teen Vogue cover shoot is adorbs, just like her and her BF Nathan Sykes of the Wanted. A lizard factors into the action, as does Sykes.

During the shoot, we watch as the 'Tattooed Heart' singer balances on pink tires and looks gorgeous in her '50s chic frock with voluminous hair.

When it comes to boyfriend material, she says she looks for kindness -- someone who is supportive and sweet and can make her laugh and give her butterflies.

Oh, and speaking of BFs, Grande explained how 'Almost Is Never Enough' came to be, since it was the catalyst to her relationship with Sykes and is why Nariana, aka the new Jelena, got together.

She was blown away by his talent.

"I had only heard 'Glad You Came' and a thousand songs everybody knows by the Wanted," she gushed. "I didn't know he could necessary sing like that. I was dying. It was awesome."

Sykes was on the set of the cover shoot, while she was being primped. What a dutiful and supportive BF!

Notice that they can't take their eyes off one another and it's like they are in a little bubble. You can tell they are cray cray about each other in that part of this vid. #NarianaGoingStrong.

Sykes has some competition, though, at least during this shoot, since she puckered up with a lizard. Even so, it seems Ariana only has eyes for Nathan.