Ariana Grande wants to buy Florence Pugh's Midsommar flower dress and the actress totally approves.

This week, it was announced that studio 24 will auction off their most memorable on-screen items online, one of which includes the iconic May Queen dress worn by Pugh's character Dani towards the end of the 2019 folk horror.

Grande, who's a huge fan of horror, took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (April 22) to reveal that a bunch of her friends texted her about the auction.

If you've seen the film, then you most likely remember the showstopping flower dress and know precisely why the Thank U, Next hitmaker is so interested in becoming its new owner.

After all, the outfit, which is described as “decorated with 10,000 hand-glued silk flowers, including fake forget-me-nots, sweet peas, meadow buttercups, cornflowers and Persian jewels," sounds exactly like the singer's next Halloween costume.

"I'm crying / also I'm bidding as soon as possible," Grande wrote, tagging Pugh.

The Little Women star could not be happier, writing back, "DO IT! Halloween will never be the same" to which Grande noted, "I WAS ALREADY PLANNING TO HAVE IT MADE ANYWAY BYE."

"It even has hand holes for wine," Pugh pointed out.

Take a look at Grande and Pugh recent interaction, below:

florence pugh ariana grande
Ariana Grande/Florence Pugh, Instagram

It certainly looks the two have become fast friends amid the coronavirus quarantine. Earlier this month, Grande even publicly supported Pugh after the actress addressed her relationship with Zach Braff via social media.

In her video, Pugh says, "I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love, and never in my life would tell someone who they can and can not love."

Grande later posted a photo of Pugh and captioned it, “beautifully worded and deeply appreciated. Sharing special, personal life things that make u happy on the internet can be truly traumatic. I know I’ve taken a step back from doing so to protect my loved ones and myself but I just wanted to share this and let u know how perfectly u expressed this and how appreciated u are for doing so @florencepugh.”

The pop star is likely referring to her highly-publicized relationship with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, which was heavily criticized following her split from Mac Miller and his subsequent death from an accidental overdose.

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