Someone died in my old house

I lived in a house in Colorado where a man died in it. I never found out how he died, but I saw his ghost. I know that sounds stupid/ crazy. But I wasn’t the only one who saw this ghost... and it got me thinking. Are realtors supposed to disclose the history of someone dying in your home?? Mine was a rental, so I was SOL.  

Montana has generations of family history  

I’ve wondered about this topic in the state of Montana since I got here 6 months ago. Loads of history can be found in the roots of homes here. Miners, ranchers, Native Americans have spent over a century on these lands.  Of course, one can assume that people have died in these old homes. We went to visit a cemetery in Billings last October, and some of these graves were quite old. i like history like this. Honoring those who've passed and who help build this state. 

Credit: Rachel Helgeson
Credit: Rachel Helgeson

If you’re looking for a new home in Montana, there’s a chance that someone passed away in that house. Whether it’s old age, an accident, or foul play... this is worth asking your realtor when buying a “new” home in Montana. Although, legally, the realtor doesn’t have to disclose this information. It’s up to the buyer to ask the realtor.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

What about violent crimes? 

If there is a violent crime that was committed in the home, then it is up to the realtor to tell the new buyer what happened. I’m a person that likes to know the “dirty details.” The story just broke today about the Idaho Murders and what they're doing with the home where 4 students were killed. They're demolishing the house... no one would buy that house after what happened there. 

You may be thinking, “What if a person died by old age in this home?

Well, in that case I’d look at it as a good thing. Someone enjoyed the home, spent their years there and passed on to the good side. I’d call that good energy. But a murder? Or a violent attack?? Yeah- I'll pass on that home. The realtor doesn't have to say anything either in Montana... I'd ask just to have peace of mind. But that’s just me.  

Credit: Rachel Helgeson
Credit: Rachel Helgeson

The States Where Real Estate Agents Don’t Have to Tell You If Someone Died in Your House 

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  • North Carolina
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