A simple gesture to support area kids...orange is the color that represents hunger. Our Gallatin Valley Food Bank is doing everything in their power to make sure our local kids get enough healthy food to eat and you can help.

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank and the HRDC have a program called the Childhood Hunger Initiative. This is what we're trying to support with this campaign. We're encouraging businesses and their employees to team up with a $5 donation per person AND of course wear lots of orange on Wednesday, April 7th.

It's a simple concept and program that makes a HUGE difference in the health of the kids in our community. It's no secret that needs have increased dramatically in the last year for help with local food security. Families that never thought they'd need assistance, now need a little help. That's where you come in!

Childhood Hunger Awareness Week is April 5th through the 12th, 2021.

Our Healthy KidsPack strives to alleviate childhood hunger by providing nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly foods to all students (K-12) every Friday for them to eat during the weekend - like an extension of free and reduced lunch programs in schools. We reach as many as 400 children each week in 26 schools throughout Madison, Jefferson, and Gallatin Counties.

I hope you can get your co-workers together to help out with this campaign and make a real difference. Just $5 pays for one of those Healthy KidsPacks. YOUR $5 MATTERS. Wearing orange symbolizes your support for combating hunger in our community and that you care about healthy kids!

Take a look at the Facebook Event Page for Wear Orange Wednesday so you can follow along and participate with your work crew. (Yup, we're going to be posting pictures from our employees too, even though we've been socially distancing and working from home a lot. No problem! Pictures are easy!)

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