This announcement is one of the biggest surprises of the summer, and it's also an incredible opportunity. 

A few weeks ago, we published a story about how the Nova Cafe was listed for sale in downtown Bozeman. This move was surprising because the Nova Cafe is a local breakfast institution, and the price tag was affordable, especially for Bozeman. Businesses in downtown Bozeman rarely go up for sale, but now we've had two iconic restaurants go on the market just this summer. 

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Open Range is one of the most well-known restaurants in downtown Bozeman, and their menu is known for fantastic steaks and drinks. I was surprised to find out that Open Range is now for sale

Open Range MT via Facebook
Open Range MT via Facebook

Open Range has been in business since 2013 and is one of Bozeman's most popular dinner spots on Main Street. If you wonder how much Open Range is going for, it's a hefty fee. 

The centrally-located restaurant is for sale at $2.5 million, but that's not a bad deal. You get the full liquor license, the current lease, and one of the largest seated restaurants in all of Bozeman. 

Open Range MT via Facebook
Open Range MT via Facebook

I've been a big fan of Open Range since I moved to Bozeman back in 2014. The steaks have always been tasty, and the atmosphere is laid back. Plus, they have connected with the local community by putting pictures of diners' animals on the wall. It's a cute touch, and who doesn't love looking at adorable pets while eating dinner? 

We will have to keep our eye on Open Range and see what could happen in the future. 

For more details, check out Open Range

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