Sometimes during the week you can get restless and want to get out and have fun with your friends but where should you go?

Here is a list of the all the places during the week that hosts trivia nights and bingo.


On Sunday's you can play trivia at Bar IX at 6:30 PM, you have tried their new menu, you are missing out. Monday has three different spots that have trivia, Rocking R Bar, Bozeman Taproom and Bacchus Pub are all places to check out.

Wednesday's you can play either sports trivia at the Rocking R Bar or regular trivia at Pub 317.


There is essentially two nights to play bingo. Tuesday's and Friday's. Tuesday's you can play the Rocking R Bar for big money bingo or play at Midtown Tavern and play Singo(bingo with songs) for gift cards and swag. On Friday, you can play bingo at The Eagles and it's pretty cheap and really fun.

We will update this list if more bingo/trivia nights get added to businesses.

Have fun and good luck.

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