Did you catch the season premiere of American Idol Season 10 yesterday? I didnt' either, but the new judges are apparently a huge hit. Especially Steven Tyler with his more than average sized mouth.

Craig Berman - todayshow.com

Contrary to many expectations, “American Idol” might not be worse off with the judges’ panel for season 10. If nothing else, it’s definitely different.

Oh, don’t worry — most of the story lines are the same. The sob stories, the annoying teenagers, the surprising successes, the dreams being crushed … all those are back. This is “Idol,” after all. But the new crew looks like it will do two things: have more fun than the group did a year ago, and keep the Fox lawyers up at night worrying that Steven Tyler will do something that gets the network sued or the FCC to chime in.

via msnbc.com

The link above provides a detailed rundown of the show and what contestants you should keep an eye on (ie. place bets on with y0ur American Idol booky) throughout the season.

We are only joking about the betting...unless somehow it's actually legal. That might actually make this season feel like it hasn't happened before 9 other times.