Usually, when we talk about movie news in Montana, it's lighthearted and exciting. This news leaves us a little confused and curious.

There has been a fantastic amount of movie and television production news over the past couple of years from movies and shows like Murder at Yellowstone City and the Yellowstone prequel 1923. These films and shows helped advocate for more productions to come to Montana in the future.

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The only problem is, maybe we aren't bringing in the best film productions.

Variety reports that the controversial film Rust, starring Alec Baldwin, will come to the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Livingston to finish filming this spring.

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If you don't know, in 2021, Rust stopped filming due to an unfortunate accident where the cinematographer for the film was shot and killed by a prop gun held by Alec Baldwin. Since then, Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, and there have been multiple lawsuits.

The film was primarily shot in New Mexico, but after the incident, the filmmakers wanted to move production to another location.

Rust's story is about an old outlaw, played by Baldwin, who must rescue his grandson and then go on the run from his nemesis. The film also stars Vikings star Travis Fimmel and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

Yellowstone Film Ranch via Facebook
Yellowstone Film Ranch via Facebook

Usually, when I talk about movie or television news coming to Montana, I get excited to see who is coming to film and what the story could be about. The problem with a story like this is I can't help but feel a little strange about a movie marred in controversy and allegations coming to Montana to finish its production.

The only positive I see is possibly seeing Jensen Ackels and Travis Fimmel hanging around town and checking out the area.

For more details, check out Variety.

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