You've seen them, right? Nationally based pages and groups trying to appear as local Bozeman experts. People that actually live here aren't having it and have not been shy about their comments.

We all know that Montanans are fiercely territorial and protective of the "Montana Way of Life".....whatever that is. It certainly takes many forms, but it seems that if you actually live, work and play here...your opinion counts. Being an actual LOCAL, matters.

IF YOU DON'T live here (and are attempting to appear as if you do or your 'local' business is actually local, be prepared for some harsh words and "advice". Social media is a brutal place.

In response to a Facebook post encouraging people to "Explore All of the Wonderful Things Bozeman Has to Offer and Be a Local!!!": (Please note that any grammatical errors below were made by the original poster.)

  • "What Bzn has to offer now is noise pollution and crowded everything: skies, streets, grocery store, the entire town."
  • "Another parasitic business trashing the area and destroying our quality of life in order to make a buck on...something."
  • "Meanwhile ads like this are flying around all platforms encouraging more people to migrate while we watch our home be raped and decimated."
  • "Moving out of Bozeman was the best choice I've ever made. Now I make a ton of money, have a lot of land and a 3,600 Sq ft. home."
  • "None of us real locals want you here."
  • "I don't think locals would ever use the term "BeLocal". Ever"
  • "Seriously go home."
  • "Ultimate local troll post."
  • "Ya know what us true locals really like to do? Reminisce about back when Bozeman was Bozeman and talk trash about the trust funders that bought out all the sellout Montanan's and ruined the "last best place".
  • "The last thing we need in the Bozone is another out of state bunch trying to be local. Go back where you came from!"
  • "You and all of the other riff raff who are ruining our State. Get the hell out of here. We don’t want you!"

You get the drift. Understand that the abrasive answers are directed at a clearly non-local "sponsored" post that is trying quite hard to appear as though it IS locally based. Frustrating and misleading, frankly.

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