The country was shocked this afternoon when reports came in of explosions at the Boston Marathon. We watched the devastating aftermath with confusion, hope, and extreme sadness for those injured. Responders rushed to the scene to aid dozens of injured athletes and bystanders. This annual race is a national gathering which included 41 athletes from Montana. 

We have found reports that the seven runners from Missoula were not injured in the explosion,

As far as we know, none of the Missoula runners have been hurt.”

said Tim Brooker, co-owner of Missoula’s The Runners Edge. [via]

If you know any of the names on the list below and have been unable to contact them, Google has set up a person finder to help connect friends and loved ones during this chaotic time.

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in the traumatic event today.

List of names by City reported by The Montana Standard

Bryan Bradshaw, 45, Butte

Matthew W. Choquette, 30, Butte

Garrett W. Zohner, 28, Dillon

Neal Andrews, 38, Bozeman

James A. Berve, 52, Billings

Julia H. Berve, 49, Billings

Jeff Bollman, 45, Billings

Richard Briles, 58, Kalispell

Melissa Casper, 43, Bozeman

Jill Clark, 46, Kalispell

John G. Dudas, 44, Bozeman

Laurie L. Edwards, 34, Bozeman

Matt D. Edwards, 35, Bozeman

Pamela J. Estill, 42, Huson

Alison J. Forney-Gorman, 40, Missoula

Andy Garza, 47, Bozeman

Jana Garza, 35, Helena

Bryanna L. Gondeiro, 23, Raynesford

Robert M. Hill, 24, Missoula

Nancy J. Iversen, 52, Billings

Heidi A. Johnson-Fry, 34, Bozeman

Dean N. Jordan, 50, Hamilton

Ashley Kelly, 24, Hamilton

Alan King, 33, Billings

Bekah Kirtley, 20, Fromberg

Brooke Lawrence, 33, Superior

Ryan J. Morgan, 28, Missoula

Aidan S. Myhre, 45, Helena

Wendy P. Newman, 54, Bozeman

Holly A. Orrell, 38, Belgrade

Eijai J. Oxford, 21, Billings

Nicholas P. Ricardi, 53, Gardiner

Kimberly A. Roush, 29, Bozeman

Scott N. Sneddon, 50, Billings

Rebecca R. Sorenson, 22, Bozeman

Sara M. Stahl, 47, Missoula

Daniel Stoken, 25, Bozeman

Jennifer Straughan, 54, Missoula

Erica Swanson, 39, Helena

Vo Von Sehlen, 48, Missoula

J.B. Yonce, 66, Missoula

Place OverallPlace GenderPlace DivisionNameBIBHalfFinish NetFinish Gun
178616781250» Andrews, Neal (USA)475301:27:4802:58:2703:01:38
16390101061480» Berve, James (USA)1314801:48:5604:02:0704:05:16
» Berve, Julia (USA)21409
812464201130» Bollman, Jeff (USA)985501:45:0003:28:5103:29:08
22012058158» Bradshaw, Bryan (USA)612101:31:4703:00:4003:04:17
57494949121» Briles, Richard (USA)1034401:37:4303:19:3503:20:09
142695055867» Casper, Melissa (USA)1693901:48:4103:51:5303:57:12
276325631797» Choquette, Matthew (USA)141801:23:3403:04:2603:05:17
107863112265» Clark, Jill (USA)1812201:44:3303:38:2403:38:51
651554361083» Dudas, John (USA)733401:39:5503:22:5303:27:45
1716967743727» Edwards, Laurie (USA)1525101:50:2804:09:5304:14:00
142613461020» Edwards, Matt (USA)402001:23:4102:56:2102:58:35
» Estill, Pamela (USA)1709701:54:05
81901737210» Forney-Gorman, Alison (USA)1672401:44:0403:29:0203:34:11
22262082160» Garza, Andy (USA)269301:27:2603:00:4903:01:46
» Garza, Jana (USA)13613
5841832687» Gondeiro, Bryanna (USA)685701:32:1103:19:5803:24:16
» Hill, Robert (USA)4791
» Iversen, Nancy (USA)1947101:59:03
» Johnson-Fry, Heidi (USA)7839
56204852375» Jordan, Dean (USA)817101:33:0303:19:0703:27:33
1536256823386» Kelly, Ashley (USA)982001:35:5903:56:4003:56:56
1009076» King, Alan (USA)30301:12:3702:32:0602:32:15
» Kirtley, Bekah (USA)9285
1079031162256» Lawrence, Brooke (USA)1525801:46:5503:38:2503:42:28
dd» Morgan, Ryan (USA)4565
» Myhre, Aidan (USA)14082
» Newman, Wendy (USA)2018801:57:11
3114254222» Orrell, Holly (USA)713401:31:5503:06:4103:11:36
709671545» Oxford, Eijai (USA)114401:20:2102:48:4402:49:16
89296822830» Ricardi, Nicholas (USA)1264901:45:2803:31:4703:33:46
» Roush, Kimberly (USA)12969
3783564» Sneddon, Scott (USA)32701:21:0502:42:4002:43:01
1102732442316» Sorenson, Rebecca (USA)1356201:41:1103:39:1203:41:58
97612546180» Stahl, Sara (USA)1653001:48:3003:34:4403:40:15
13111899» Stoken, Daniel (USA)22901:16:3802:34:2302:34:36
» Straughan, Jennifer (USA)14263
5882846697» Swanson, Erica (USA)981901:32:5303:20:0603:20:08
750460431014» Von Sehlen, Vo (GER)852901:42:2003:26:3503:33:08
675355876» Yonce, Jb (USA)967701:39:0803:23:4603:24:03
321529541975» Zohner, Garrett (USA)491701:29:0603:07:1003:10:11