Nike's 2014 Flyknit sneaker commercial, dubbed 'Light. Strong. Nike Flyknit,' spotlights the light and strong shoe and features physical specimens and athletes.

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, decathlon participant Ashton Easton, NFLer Richard Sherman, and track and field stars Allyson Felix and Mohamed Farah are featured. So is a majorly cool and somewhat trippy rock song, which is the soundtrack to their blood, sweat and tears. What is it?

It's Suuns' '2020,' which is the second album on the Montreal band's album 'Images Du Futur.' It's a slightly electro pop-tinged rocker that works in concert with the images to spotlight the efficiency and awesomeness of the athletes and the shoe.

Just like the kicks are engineered to be lighter and the athletes featured in the spot are engineered to be superior sportsmen (and women), the song is engineered to make you feel good with its slightly experimental take on rock.

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