Although it's been almost a month since the sports world lost Kobe Bryant, rappers and fans alike are still mourning over the late Los Angeles Lakers icon.

In an interview with Cherie's World that was posted on YouTube on Wednesday (Feb. 12), Big Daddy Kane spoke about meeting Kobe and how he considers him "one of the greats in the NBA."

Elsewhere in the discussion, the interviewer said that Jay-Z called himself the Michael Jordan of rap so therefore he named Kane as Dr. J of rap. So when the interviewer asked Kane who he thinks is the Kobe Bryant of rap, the "Ain't No Half Steppin'" MC named the Detroit rhymer.

"What's the generation after Jay?" he wondered for a second and then replied, "It would be Eminem."

Big Daddy Kane's comment might not sit well with Nick Cannon who has been very critical of Em as of late. Recently, Cannon stated that he believes Eminem is a product of institutional racism and that is the reason why he was able to avoid any major backlash from an unreleased 1988 song that featured a then 18-year-old Em reportedly rapping disparaging remarks about Black women.

“Like he’s sorry for his individual racism, definitely, I believe he’s sincerely sorry for saying the things he said when he was younger," he said in a recent VladTV interview. "But he’s not sorry for his institutional racism because he’s a product of it. And that’s why people call him a God and a G.O.A.T. because of institutional racism."

Nick added that people accepted Em's apology for the 1988 song and acknowledged him as one of the greatest rappers ever because of the power of institutional racism.

As for Kane anointing Eminem as the Kobe Bryant of rap, that will certainly spark a debate on social media.

Watch Big Daddy Kane interview below. Fast-forward to the two-minute mark to hear BDK's comment about Eminem.

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Tommy Boy Music, LLC

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