No, we are not giving you 2,013 different ideas for costumes, we are giving you funny costume ideas for Halloween 2013! We hope some of you will be brave enough to try these costumes.

Despicable Me Minions

They are cute, recognizable and totally original. Can you get a dozen of your friends together to create a minion army?


Paramount Pictures

Star Trek Girl

JJ Abrams proved everyone loves Star Trek with the latest movie Star Trek: Into Darkness and the costumes are relatively cheap. All you need is your bra and underwear for this one.



White Walkers

I know white walkers from Game of Thrones don't talk, but how much fun would it be to dress as a white walker on Halloween and only say three words all night. "Winter is Coming."


The Giant Mechanical Man

If you haven't seen this heartwarming movie, turn on your Netflix and devote the next hour and half to The Giant Mechanical Man. When you're done, re-watch it, and take notes on how to walk on stilts and move like a robot. This is perfect for anyone shy about their short stature.


Moss from The IT Crowd

Is Moss from The IT Crowd the original Sheldon Cooper? His quirkiness and humor is very much of the nerd variety and his accent makes it even funnier. The creators of The IT Crowd recently announced they will be doing a final episode/movie. Do you have the British accent, wit and charm it takes to be Moss on Halloween?



Duke Dynasty

I'll admit I've never seen the show but I do recognize the beards. If you have a very impressive beard such as these boys, why not strap on a bandanna, a vest, a kazoo and call it a costume!


Photo by Michael Middleton/Kensington Palace via Getty Images

The Royal Baby

Prince George kept millions waiting in anticipation for his appearance into the world. Now that he is born, not many people pay any attention to him. Now is the perfect time to bring back the infamous infant!


Arrested Development

The long awaited fourth season of Arrested Development hit the internet all at once in 2013 and most of us binge watched the entire thing. Who will you dress as - a banana stand employee, a never nude, magician Gob, a blue man or woman, Franklin Delano Bluth or Egg errr I mean Anne? This could be a great group costume.


Angelina Jolie's Right Leg

The concept is simple. Internet meme creators realized that Angelina Jolie's leg can spruce up any historical figure and thus took over the internet with images like the one above. Guys, how nice are your legs? Could you pull if off?