Ski Or Snowboard?
That is the question truly.
I have to be honest.  I haven't on skis or a snowboard in 14 years.  It's not cause I hated it but mostly for the reason I was to busy or I just wanted to hang out and relax on my weekends from school/sports or work...
Skier Out Runs An Avalanche And Throws In A Backflip [Video]
Freeskier Sverre Liliequist was knocking down an insane run at a competition for Swatch when an avalanche broke out. No prob for Sverre though. He skis out of it and, why not, he puts a back flip on top of it. We don't have a ton of info, but the video is below...
Winterfest 2010 At The Pourhouse
Don't miss your chance to do your 3 favorite things this Saturday.  Drink amazing beer, Party to great music, and win dope trips!  Winterfest 2010 is tomorrow at the Pourhouse Bar & Grill in Downtown Bozeman.