Last week we told you about a guy in Australia who posted a picture of a "footlong" Subway sandwich only measuring 11" on Subway's Facebook page. That pic spurred a ton of other pics of Subway subs not quite measuring up, and our own investigation. Subway since admitted to their short comings saying "FOOTLONG is a registered trademark as a descriptive name... and not intended to be a measurement of length." Well 2 men are now suing them.

On Tuesday John Farley of Evesham, New Jersey and Charles Pendrack of Ocean City, New Jersey are suing for undisclosed damages. They're also demanding that Subway start making their footlongs 12 inches long, or stop calling them footlongs.

Subway hasn't responded to the lawsuit, but my guess is that since the word is trademarked and I'm sure that some where it's posted that "footlong" is not a unit of measure nothing will happen.  We'll let you know if anything comes of this story.  12" or 11" will this make you stop going to Subway?