There's been word going around that Subway Footlong sandwiches aren't really a foot long. It all started with a man in Australia posting a pic, on Subway's Facebook page, of his sub measuring exactly 11 inches. Since then, people from all over the world have been posting pics of their subs. Some measuring up to 12" other not quite. Subway has not commented on the situation, and because of that there has been speculation about what's really going on. Is the bread 12' before baking? Is is shrinking after toasting? Whatever the case, Cole and I went took it upon ourselves to head out to a Bozeman Subway and see what the hell is going on. Here is a video of our findings.

[onescreen item="4999508"]

BTW, the sandwich was delicious. Honestly, 12" or 11.5" or 11" does it really matter? I just need an excuse to go.