Can’t Get Over Your Ex? This App Won’t Help
Congratulations to people who love to obsess over your exes. There is a free app for you. Even the name is creepy. Shryne helps you create a history of you and your former significant other with texts, pictures and emails.
This is plainly insane...
Teens Teach Us How To Be Cool On Instagram
The concept is simple but using Instagram is not easy. Teens give 12 tips on how to be cool on Instagram. Really, it's a rundown of the unspoken rules. I think you'll agree with all of them...or at least what I've noted at the end.
Buy a Real-Life Transformer on Amazon
You know that extra $1 million you've been wondering what to do with? The answer: Buy a transformer. I'm not a sci-fi type of person, nor am I a gamer but the reason this real-life robot was created is fascinating. "I want to create a society that robots can live with." -…

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