Logos have become part of the landscape we live in.  Children accept them at face value and put their own thoughts onto what they see based on what they have experienced. A guy showed his daughter 30 logos to see which one she recognized.  She got some of the ones you would expect her to get. McDonalds and Disney, and some that were surprising like Apple.

But while watching this I realized that although the little lady doesn't know what the logos mean, she puts her own meaning to them.  Leading me to think that as kids walk around making sense of the world, they literally live in a dream land.

I've worked with children quite a bit as a day care provider, and I was always amazed at how perceptive children are, but for some reason it never occurred to me that they are living in a extremely colorful, playful world that they make themselves.  Because they don't associate anything with anything other than what they are immediately feeling.  Do the feelings that the logos give to children the same they give to us?

Snap out of it Chad! You're at work, you should be doing something productive instead of day dreaming about living with the mind of a child. Here's the video.