Michael Jackson will forever be the king of pop, but when it comes to Apple Music, is Drake the king of streaming?

That's what Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe believes. Following the release of Drizzy's two-song EP Scary Hours, Lowe referred to the rapper as the Michael Jackson of streaming and told Billboard, "I think that Drake is an artist, and he should be entitled to say whatever he wants."

Drake also believes he is the reason for part of Apple Music's success and this can be heard on his appearance on Lil Wayne's "Family Feud." In the song, Drake raps, "Somebody get Larry Jackson on the phone/I need some ownership if we pressin' go/'Cause business is boomin' on behalf of me/I need a bite outta the Apple like Adam and Eve."

Responding to the name-drop, Lowe said he and Jackson—Apple Music's Head of Original Content—had no problem with it. “Look, I grew up listening to rap music and so did Larry; we’re huge fans of rap. It’s a place where transparency is a big part of the game and you tell stories and you tell honest tales… There’s worse things in life than being name-checked by Drake in a song, dude. I was literally texting Larry like, ‘I can’t believe he name-checked you, bro! That’s incredible!’”

As for Drizzy's current relationship with Apple Music, our guess is as good as Lowe's. "That's a great question," the radio host said, adding that he doesn't currently have an answer.

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