With restaurants only allowed to offer take out or delivery some restaurants are also adapting to offer other services.

Ted's Montana Grill is offering take out but they are also selling their meat at really fair prices. You can get anything, from beef(steaks or ground beef), bison(steaks or ground), chicken or salmon. Here are their prices:

  • Bison 14 oz Rib eye $20 each
  • Bison 11 oz Strip $18 each
  • Bison 8 oz Filet $25 each
  • Bison 5.5 oz Sirloin $8 each
  • Bison Ground $10 per lb
  • Chicken Breast $3 each
  • Whole Chicken $10
  • Salmon $12 per lb
  • Beef 14 oz Rib eye $18 each
  • Beef 11 oz Strip $16 each
  • Beef 8 oz Filet $20 each
  • Beef 5.5 oz Sirloin $6 each
  • Ground Beef $6 per lb

With most grocery stores being sold out of most beef and chicken products this is a genius idea. Who wouldn't want to cook up a delicious bison rib eye this weekend while chilling at home? We might have to buy a few.

For more details to order meat or take out food, give Ted's Montana Grill a call at 406-587-6000.

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