We hope your egg-aiming skills are up to snuff, because here's a new trailer for Yoshi's New Island.

The trailer above shows us a bunch of the new locales in Yoshi's New Island, some of which are remarkably different from any we've seen in the series. There are strange forests, crystal caves, bogs, weird underwater areas and more. But that all have a decidedly "Yoshi's Island" feel.

In the Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced some more details about the game, such as the new giant eggs. These things are called the Mega Eggdozers and Metal Eggdozers. The Mega Eggdozers can take out pipes and other obstructions in Yoshi's way while the Metal Eggdozers roll on the ground and can allow Yoshi to dip underwater into places he normally wouldn't be able to access. Then there are Yoshi's transformation powers, which can turn the dinosaur into a rock-breaking jackhammer or an underwater submarine. These new forms can be controlled with the gyro sensors in the 3DS.

Speaking of transformations, if Yoshi grabs a certain special star in a level, he'll become Super Yoshi and gain the ability to fly and run on walls. Another special transformation occurs when Yoshi grabs an item called Flutter Wings. These items only appear if you've had trouble in a level and will help more casual players fly through to the end of a stage.

Yoshi's New Island will be released on 3DS on March 14.