Jesus is everywhere these days. He’s appeared on potato chipsan old rocking chair and even on a wet sock. Now it appears Jesus made a special guest spot on a woman’s television, and it wasn’t during a re-airing of Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ.’

A woman in Port St. Lucie, Florida claims she witnessed her Lord and Savior making a special cameo appearance in the reflection of her screen during the finale of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ on her bedroom television.

Guerda Maurice told local reporters that she was initially trying to take a photo of a design she liked on the hit ABC reality show.  She also claims that after she snapped the picture, the phone suddenly stopped working. When she went to look at the image she’d capture off the TV, she noticed the reflection of Jesus in the screenshot from ‘The Bachelor.’ Freaky!

So does she plan to put her TV on eBay or sell the photograph to the highest bidder like some holy grilled cheese sandwich? Nope. Maurice said that she plans to donate any money she makes off of the photograph to charity.

She also has “no doubt” that the image in the TV is that of Jesus Christ. If she’s right, Jesus was probably telling her to do something more productive and spiritually fulfilling with her time than finding out who is the latest ‘Bachelor’ reject. Watch the story below and see if she saw Jesus or ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison.

[via Huffington Post]