Republican vs Democrat? Pineapple on pizza or not? None of those debates compare to this.

Recently, I've witnessed a couple of rather heated debates about whether drivers should leave their wipers up or down on cold, frosty nights.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Everyone has a different opinion.

For those who leave their wipers up, they say they do so because it's a smaller surface area for snow/ice to accumulate on the wipers and easier to defrost/scrap your windshield.

Those who leave their wipers down say they do that because while warming up their vehicle, the wipers can defrost with the window and warm up at the same time. No harm, no foul.

Which side of the debate are you on? Vote down below on whether you leave your windshield wipers up or down when your vehicle is sitting in cold weather.

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